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[Expert Systems] Group Lists – Ilkom G

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Dearest students,

Here I attach file containing the detail of your group members. The scope of your presentation is already defined as well. Simply you can download it here : Group members-ES-ILKOM G. As your reminder, we will have a good day for presentation next week, sharply on Monday, March, 7th 2016, so please prepare yourself well.

What should you prepare?

  • Good communication among members in your group. A good team work is a key for your success.
  • Manage your time due to you will present no longer than 10 minutes included discussion.
  • Some references to support your proposal. International references within last 5 years are more preferable.
  • Read more and more.
  • Last but not least, stay healthy! 🙂

Good luck for your preparation. See you next week 😉