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[Expert Systems] Guidelines for Final Project Proposal

March 26th, 2016

Dearest  Students Ilkom G and Ilkom I,

Regarding to reach one of the objectives of this course, thus here I would like to inform you all the guidance of final project proposal : The Guidance of Final Project Proposal (written in Indonesian). To obtain a good mark you have to follow the rule precisely (The score of final project proposal is ranging from 60-95). Some points might be help you to break down what you would like to propose.

Each group has responsibility to send a soft copy file of final project proposal directly to yuita@ub.ac.id, under the subject [Sispar-Nama Kelas]-Nama Kelompok. For instance : [Sispar-Ilkom Z]-Kelompok 50. As your notification, the deadline of this final project proposal is no later than April, 18th and 20th April, 2016 for Ilkom G and Ilkom I, respectively . If  Ilkom G send the file later than April, 18th, 2016, your score will be reduced -5 point in each day. For instance : Your original score is 80, however because you collect it on April, 19th 2016, your score will be changed become 75.  This rule is applied for Ilkom I as well. Please obey this rule, do not be late to piece together on time.

If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me at my email or come to face to face with me during office hours (the information of my office hours are available at Contact page in this site).

Thank you and Good luck for your mid term examination. 🙂


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