My Research Assistants

February 12th, 2020


Name About

Vriza Wahyu Saputra
  • Vriza has involved to conduct research collaboration with Nutrition Study Program, Faculty of Medicines, University of Brawijaya as a programmer in period of July-Dec 2019. He focused on segmentation of food image taken from a hospital in Malang using Image Processing.
  • He received his Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Brawijaya in 2019 and has high passion to join research in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Joint Publication:

(on going)

Yusuf Gladiensyah Bihanda
  • Yusuf has been undertaking project since July 2019 with me. His role is to learn everything of doing project (technically or administratively). He has passion in learning Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence since his first year study in Computer Science Faculty, University of Brawijaya.
  • Joint Publication:
  1. Sari, Y.A, Maligan, J.M, Adinugroho, S, Bihanda, Y.G. Multiple Food or Non-Food Dectection in Single Tray Box Image using Fraction of Pixel Segmentation for Developing Smart Nutrition Box Prototype. In 2020 Brawijaya International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Technology 2020 (BICMST 2020).

Luthfi Maulana
  • Luthfi received his Bachelor Degree of S.Kom in 2019. His research interest is in Internet of Things and Image Processing.
  • He has involved in joint project between Computer Vision Research Group and Agricultural Product Technology Department in University of Brawijaya in tems of July 2019-January 2020. His role is to build user interface in our prototype Smart Nutrition Box.
  • Joint publication:
  1. Sari, Y.A, Dewi, R.K, Maligan, J.M, Maulana, L, Adinugroho, S. (2020) Automatic Leftover Weight Prediction in Tray Box using Improved Color Lighting Componentof Image Segmentation. (accepted in Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, Vol 55(1) 2020. No. 33/2020)

Andini Agustina
  • She received her Bachelor Degree of S.Kom in 2020 at Faculty of Computer Science, University of Brawijaya, and has interest in Artificial Intelligence research.
  • Currently, she is continuing Vriza’s work by integrating algorithm into dekstop app.
  • Joint Publication:



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