Research Collaboration

August 21st, 2020

1. Research Collaboration with Nutrition Study Program, Faculty of Medicines, University of Brawijaya

Research topic: Estimating nutrition’s leftover in hospitals to manage a diet for patients.

Lecture from Nutrition Study Program: Yudi Arimba Wani, SKM, MPH.

Research Assistants: Rina (Nutrition Study Program), Vriza Wahyu (Faculty of Computer Science), Andini (Faculty of Computer Science)

OUR Prototype: NutriAI (on the process to Intelectual Property Right)

This application is built using artificial intelligence in which Image Processing as its base. This application has a projection to monitor the quality of food nutrition in a hospital. This prototype covers the problem of measuring leftover food and its nutritional content based on an image before and after being eaten.

NutriAI application

Publication as output of this research:

  1. Yuita Arum Sari, Yudi Arimba Wani, Vriza Wahyu Saputra, Andini Agustina, and Yusuf Galdiensyah Bihanda. Comparison of Image Thresholding and Clustering Segmentation Methods for Understanding Nutritional Content of Food Images. Submitted
  2. (on-draft) Yuita Arum Sari, Yudi Arimba Wani, Vriza Wahyu Saputra, Andini Agustina. NutriAI: Nutritional Values Estimation from Leftover Food Images For Monitoring Patient’s Diet.

2. Research Collaboration with Food Science and Technology Study Program, Agricultural Product Technology Department, University of Brawijaya

Research topic: Reducing food waste in canteen’s university by analyzing the residual of food nutrition using the digital image processing approach.

Lecture from Food Science and Technology Study Program: Jaya Mahar Maligan, S.TP, M.P.

Research Assistants: Luthfi Maulana (Faculty of Computer Science), Yusuf G B (Faculty of Computer Science), Anindya Sasri Ananta (Agricultural Product Technology Department), Nabilla (Agricultural Product Technology Department), Dea (Agricultural Product Technology Department).

[RESEARCH GRANT] This collaboration is accepted to be funded by:

  1. HPP 2019 (Hibah Peneliti Pemula 2019) by Research Center of University of Brawijaya (LPPM) with entitled of the research is: Smart Nutrition Box: Prediction of Food Nutritional Value with Image Segmentation Method Based on Color Channel to Reduce Potential Loss of Nutrients in Food. (Smart Nutrition Box: Prediksi Nilai Gizi Pangan dengan Metode Segmentasi Citra Berbasis Color Channel Guna Mengurangi Potensi Kehilangan Zat Gizi pada Makanan). 
  2. HPP 2020 (Hibah Peneliti Pemula 2020) by Research Center of University of Brawijaya (LPPM) with entitled Development of Digital Image Segmentation Algorithm on Prototype Smart Nutrition Box Feature to Predict Nutrients in Leftover Food based on Weighing and Visual Analysis (Pengembangan Algoritme Segmentasi Citra Digital pada Fitur Prototype Smart Nutrition Box untuk Memprediksi Zat Gizi pada Sisa Makanan berdasarkan penimbangan dan Analisis Visual)

Publication as output of this research:



  1. Sari, Y.A, Maligan, J.M, Adinugroho, S, Bihanda, Y.G. Multiple Food or Non-Food Dectection in Single Tray Box Image using Fraction of Pixel Segmentation for Developing Smart Nutrition Box Prototype. Presented in 2020 Brawijaya International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Technology 2020 (BICMST 2020) and published at IJITEE
  2. Sari, Y.A, Adinugroho, S, Maligan, J.M, Rahman, M.A, Bihanda, Y.G. Multi-Food Recognition in Single Tray Box Image with Scarcity Data using Convolutional Neural Network. Innovations in Information and Communication Science and Technology (IICST 2020).
  3. Sari, Y.A, Maligan, J.M, Maulana, L, Bihanda, Y.G, Nur’ani N, Widyadhana, D.R, Leftovers Nutrition Prediction for Augmenting Smart Nutrition Box Prototype Feature Using Image Processing Approach and AFLE Algorithm. The third International Conference of Computer and Informatics Engineering (The 3rd IC2IE) 2020. ~ accepted to oral presentation and still need some revisions.


  1. Sari, Y.A, Dewi, R K, Maligan, J.M, Ananta, A.S, dan Adinugroho, S. Automatic Food Leftover Estimation in Tray Box using Image Segmentation. In 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Information Engineering and Technology (SIET).


  1. Sari, Y.A, Dewi, R.K, Maligan, J.M, Maulana, L, Adinugroho, S. (2020). Automatic Leftover Weight Prediction in Tray Box using Improved Color Lighting Component of Image Segmentation. Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University.


  1. Maulana, L, Bihanda, Y.G, Sari, Y.A, Color Space And Color Channel Selection On Image Segmentation Of Food Images. Submitted July 2020 at REGISTER. Sinta 2 accredited


  • Desain dan Pembuatan Smart Nutrition Box untuk Estimasi Sisa Makanan dalam Tray Box” (still ion progress in LPPM University of Brawijaya)
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